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Intermediation for the sale of rural properties has evolved remarkably in recent years. The work that until recently had been carried out by land brokers has become highly specialised, while preparation and investing in economic and human resources have become the greatest assets for rural property owners.

Selling a rural property begins with its valuation. Traditionally, the value of an estate was established according to the valuations of nearby properties. However, this approach is no longer valid if we study the various uses we can give to the estate in order to increase its potential market value.


Once several valuation proposals have been studied, the rural property must be suitably presented and made available to third parties interested in its acquisition. Qualified professionals will make use of new technologies to gather all the necessary information and draw up a full report to provide potential buyers with all the assurances and knowledge they may require.

 The sale of a rural property is best supported by a comprehensive individualised action plan. We mainly work with four types of estates:

  •  Agricultural or livestock farms
  • Hunting estates
  • Woodland estates
  • Leisure estates

We will develop a specific action plan for each estate comprising an offline side with on-site operations and an online side with a customised digital marketing plan aimed at getting the property sold.

Once a prospective buyer is found, we will provide legal and tax advice to help you optimise your resources. We will do this according to the highest professional standards and with our knowledge of the legislation applicable to each property.

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